Standards for Bunkhouses (FINAL)

Standards for Bunkhouses (FINAL)

Standards for Bunkhouses

December 2013

The construction of temporary shelters, largely in the form of ‘bunkhouses’ is already underway in several areas, including in and around Tacloban city. This is a Government led response as a means of providing temporary shelter to decongest evacuation centres. It is also anticipated that informal settlers in the hardest-hit areas, many of which may be declared no build zones by local governments, will also be relocated to these temporary shelters.


A number of the international humanitarian communities’ clusters would like to work with the Government to ensure that certain minimum standards are followed and met especially around protection, design, site planning and the provision of water, sanitation and hygiene services. In doing so the displaced communities will be able to stay there temporarily with a certain degree of privacy, security and dignity.


In this context, the UN Guiding Principles on Internal Displacement, relevant instruments of international law, the Philippines’ Commission of Human Rights advisory, that is based on national law, and the said Guidance Principles, must be considered before the construction of bunkhouses and also during the identification of the residents. Some of the issues of concern include consultation with communities, voluntary relocation, and seeking suitable alternatives.


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